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Apatzingán, Michoacán.- What began as a crash between a car and a motorcycle turned into a fire that led to the mobilization of lifeguard police forces in the Central colony of the municipality of Apatzingán.
A compact vehicle of which no major features are known took a motorcycle brand Italika apparently parked, dragged it 100 meters and on Francisco J. Múgica street, as a result both units began to burn.

The flames emanating from the first two cars mentioned reached a Volvo-branded pickup truck that was in the area and also caught fire.
All three units were left at full loss and it was observed that surrounding vehicles were affected by the flames to a lesser extent, as elements of Municipal Civil Protection and firefighters attended the site, who after several minutes managed to extinguish the flames.
In addition, elements of the Municipal Police provided perimeter security to prevent curious people from being hurt or hindered by the work of rescuers.

No persons related to the incident were found, so it is presumed that the occupants of the first unit mention fled the site.
Nor were persons injured by the incident reported, after which the road authorities ordered the removal of the units

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