translated from Spanish: Pandemic effect: President of private schools warns that several establishments are likely to “collapse” in 2021

The president of chile’s National Corporation of Private Schools, Hernán Herrera, referred to the economic havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in Chile, especially by 2021, and to his concern after Congress defreaked the motion prohibiting denying tuition to its students for debts their parents maintain with educational precincts.
In an interview with the newspaper El Mercurio, he said that “establishments are at a delinquency level of more than 50% and there are schools that have a level above 70%”. Adding this up with the parliamentary motion passed, those conditions will worsen.
In that regard, he said that “chances are we’ll see some schools or educational projects collapse now by 2020. The vast majority will have to see how they adjust their financial situation, the commitments they have, which in the vast majority are fixed in nature, depending on what capacity they have to remain under these conditions, keeping the level of delinquency,” he explained.
On the project that was dispatched to Congress, Herrera expressed concern about two points: the conditions that families must present to enroll their children with debts has the option “among others”, and also “establishes that the payment commitment can be executed once the international pandemic situation is complete. That is, we can be all 2021 without being able to charge even what the parents committed to pay during this period.”
“I think the government is so pressured from the point of view of financial requirements to go in support of the public that it didn’t even want to look at the situation, because it involved a greater contribution, or a contribution, from the state to the families,” he said.

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