translated from Spanish: This State of Mexico on the brink of coronavirus collapse

Mexico.–The Ministry of Health of the State of Mexico reported that the hospitals of the entity that serve patients with Covid-19 have an occupancy of 73 percent, that is, with an availability of 27 percent. Hospital fan beds are 56 per cent occupancy and 44 per cent availability.
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One of the most in-demand nosocomios is the General Hospital in Atizapán de Zaragoza, Dr. Salvador González Herrejón, with 97 percent occupancy. In the same conditions is the Regional Hospital of High Bicentennial Specialty of ISSSTE, in Tultitlán, with an occupancy of 98 percent, explained the dependency. For its part, the Municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, the second municipality of the State of Mexico with the most positive cases of Covid-19 – with 10 thousand 883 -, recognized that the amount of contagion is more critical currently compared to June or May. On June 4, when the health traffic light was red, there were 111 positive cases of Covid-19 in one day. On November 28 and December 15, 207 positive cases were documented each day, explained the Mayor, Juan Hugo de la Rosa.That on June 4, recorded 311 active cases. While currently, there are 960 active cases.
 «If there is an alarming situation, we could say, with regard to what we had been living.

«It is time to ask the population to be aware of the situation we are experiencing and therefore to make greater efforts,» De la Rosa said.

Original source in Spanish

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