translated from Spanish: Anti-pyrotechnics operation in Morelia will remain all December and January

Morelia, Michoacán.- The pyrotechnic detection and confiscation operatives offered illegally in public spaces and streets in Morelia will be held throughout December and part of January, gave known Humberto Arróniz Reyes, secretary of the City Council.
In interview, the municipal official explained that the proximity of Christmas and the New Year increases the commercialization of cohetones, rockets, onions, popcorn and other explosive devices, especially in markets, tianguis and avenues with high influx of passers-by, thus intensifying the actions of prevention and removal of outlets of these items.
Arróniz Reyes added that a new Battalion of the National Guard will be integrated into the work in the operatives against the sale of pyrotechnics, so it was said confident that good results will be obtained.
So far, two operations have been carried out, resulting in the confiscation and destruction of around 1.2 tons of gunpowder-based artifacts. However, the concentrators of these materials, responsible for the distribution to the small outlets located in the municipality, have not yet been intervened.

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