translated from Spanish: CONAF declares Early Preventive Alert for MRI for Threat of WildFire

The Regional Directorate of ONEMI Metropolitana, in coordination with CONAF, declared Regional Preventive Early Warning, for the threat of forest fire, in force from today and until conditions warrant it. According to the information provided by the Meteorological Directorate of Chile (DMC), a high temperature event is forecast for Monday, December 21, in the valley and precordillera sectors of the Metropolitan Region.As a matter of the above, the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) notes that conditions are maintained conducive to the occurrence and spread of forest fires, especially in the provinces of Maipo, Talagante and Melipilla.La declaration of this alert, it is constituted as a state of strengthening surveillance, through the precise and rigorous monitoring of risk conditions and the respective vulnerabilities associated with the threat, coordinating and activating the Civil Protection System in order to act in a timely manner in the face of possible emergencies. ONEMI recommended that the population keep the surroundings of clear homes of vegetation and waste that can be burned; avoid smoking in places with vegetation that may burn; do not light fires or manipulate heat sources in areas close to vegetation; and learn about the areas most at risk of forest fires ( If observing there was or fire in areas of vegetation warn: CONAF (130), Firefighters (132), Carabineros (133) or PDI (134).

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