translated from Spanish: Burning cars and detained in Cortázar for clashes

Guanajuato. – On tuesday afternoon there were clashes between the elements of the State Public Security Forces (FSPE) of Guanajuato and armed subjects in the municipality of Cortázar, Celaya and Villagrán; the fact left a balance of two detainees and cars on fire on the road. Through social media and local media they reported on the fact of an attempted assault was the cause for a shooting between FSPE agents of Guanajuato and armed men at the entrance of the municipality of Cortazar, in addition to securing a van, weapons and generated violent events such as the burning of vehicles in the entities of Villagrán and Celaya.
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It was around 3:00 p.m. that mobilization was recorded by security agents following an attempted assault on a red label and white letter cooling company van, however, it was thwarted by state agents who were near the site.

According to local media, four men were transported in a gray Honda-type van, subjects made detonations with the aim of having the workers hand over the money, however, elements of the FSPE and the National Guard were doing patrols so they became aware of the fact. In the face of the panorama and with the subjects in sight began to follow them and the confrontation between uniformed and civilians was generated, right at the entrance of the municipality of Cortázar. During the escape, the gunmen were hit head-on against an FSPE unit, allowing the arrest of two of the four subjects. In the pursuit, a State Forces unit resulted in damage to one of the tyres, without injured or deceased persons. The area was secured for preservation, while criminal experts prosecuted the area. During the inspection of the vehicle in which the subjects were moving, two long and short weapons were secured, in addition to locating useful cartridges, which were delivered to the relevant authorities to continue the investigation. Unofficially, they point out that one of the detainees in the municipality of Cortázar is an alleged leader of a cartel in the region, however, so far the authorities have not confirmed the case, nor have they provided further information on the facts.

Shooting is recorded in Cortázar between agents and armed men

In retaliation they burn vehicles
A few minutes after the shooting, car burning was recorded at different points in the state, around four o’clock in the afternoon the first was reported in the community of Caracheo in Cortázar, then one in Villagrán, in Celaya on the Clouthier Axis and the Juan Pablos II axis, where a Chevrolet-type car was burned down, it is noted that no injured persons are reported. Although vehicle burning was in different municipalities, the Civil Protection and Firefighters elements attended to car fires in order to avoid major accidents or direct citizenship concerns.

Original source in Spanish

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