Mexico was the third most visited country during 2020 according to unWTO

Mexico.- This Sunday the Ministry of Tourism reported that according to the World Tourism Barometer of the OTM, Mexico ranked third in arrival of international travel and number 13 in attracting tourist currency in 2020.Through a statement the Sectur reported that during this period, Mexico received 24 million 284 thousand international tourists, 46.1% less compared to 2019, despite this, the figure reached, allowed it to reach the third position in the world ranking. This position given by the UNWTO had been foreseen by the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, in the first quarter of 2021, regarding the fact that these positions are conjunctural “since the other tourist powers, which share the Top 10 with Mexico, will be accommodated as Covid-19 decreases”. As for the entry of international tourism currencies during 2020, Mexico captured 0 thousand 996 million dollars, this is 55.3% less with respect to 2019, which allowed it to ascend to 13th position in the UNWTO ranking.  A few weeks ago, the head of the Ministry of Tourism explained that, as a result of the pandemic, the profile of the tourist changed, and now he is looking for more spaced, green places with more culture, tradition and good gastronomy, so he considered that there is a very good opportunity for growth for the Magical Towns.Given this, Torruco Marqués mentioned that Sectur works on the diversification of markets to avoid the historic concentration of 92% of international tourism in only six places, as well as dependence on 67% of the two northern nations. Read more: Bimbo stands in solidarity! Suspends operations in Ukraine due to conflict with Russia “Only in this way will we move forward to benefit the population of the 235 places with a tourist vocation that there are in Mexico, of which 132 are Magical Towns. Managing to make tourism an authentic tool for social reconciliation,” said Torruco Marqués. Russian missile hits large residential building in Kiev, Ukraine.

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