translated from Spanish: Ca7riel: «They used to call you ‘you lack rock & roll’, now you lack trap»

His name is Catriel Guerreiro, although todes know him as Ca7riel. The artist 27 years, one of the most representative artists of the scene of our country, spoke with Julio Leiva for a new edition of Caja Negra. His passion for music was born thanks to family roasts, where he played guitar with his dad. At the age of 6 he met Ulysses Guerriero, known as Paco Amoroso, with whom he struck up a friendship beyond the four walls of the school.
«Paquito and I, two little tweaks. I remember the guy all smart, Paquito very smart, he knew all the neighborhoods, all the accounts, in the first year when the teacher made you pass to demonstrate your skills and I didn’t. He was a young man who already had a street, the guachín knew where the subways sent you, he knew everything, I imagine so much that he accompanied the mother to laburar. I’d raise it at that age, shake it, I was a young up to the truth,» she recalls. His path continued at the Juan Pedro Esnaola School of Music, where he learned classical music, which defined it as the closest thing to Hogwarts, in reference to the film «Harry Potter».» It was country dates and the kids copied the yard and that day there were very few classes, and we played in the yard, we took out the drums, we all organized to make everything sound, so it’s plugged in, so there was a thing of great union between musicians and little artists and we grew up in that one. The street was given to me in the schoolyard,» the artist said. Together with Paco Amoroso they formed the band Astor, which combined progressive rock, funk and reggae. It was in force for seven years, and in 2017 they released their EP «Holidays All year».

«I wanted to have a drummer, and everyone played drums at my school, but I wanted a friend of mine to break it and I sat it on Paquito on drums and it started, he was a bad-ass until he started putting him in and he was great at the months and we got the band and we all learned together. One thing I learned from Paquito much later is to speak the language of the trap, he writes very well and is not a bard his head when it comes to writing, so that’s where we’re the yin and the yan. I’m a bard to write, not now, but because I learned it from him,» he confesses. Among his great references that marked his path, as he confesses, is Luis Alberto Spinetta: «I know on the guitar whole Spinetta themes, but I don’t know any song, no lyrics, because I was terribly represented what was going on musically, because it’s all very difficult and I was a very nerdy baby of music, so that interested me to play it , but I didn’t understand the lyrics, they didn’t represent me.» To date, he released the album «Cve7e» and the EP «Povre», «Livre». Together with Paco he published songs that became hits, such as «A Mí No», «Jala Jala», «Ouke», «Ola Mina XD», «Mi Sombra» and «Cono Hielo». Last year they performed at the Estadio Obras, a show that is already available on Youtube.

How was the idea of singing together in a duet born? «I was on the terrace of my house in Nazca, avenue, quilombo, I remember Paquito looking me in the face and saying ‘I know all your themes, you’re alone on stage, I’d better have two people’, and I’m so excited because suddenly Paquito showed up, vibrate and throws that one at me. I started throwing some props, locked ourselves in a studio, the mattress of my house with the compu on the floor, we made a theme and broke it to another level, and that’s when the chabón decides to set himself on fire and break it. There it all happened natural, the chabón set himself on fire, I was on fire, and we were just together, and we burned all the things that were around as we advanced and it was great,» he says. As for the reviews or opinion on social networks, he comments: «The ‘cringe’, those things that give you as well as impression, it is fashionable, it is trending. That’s why there’s tiktok and we’re all opening tiktok and out there laughing at beings that they just are. So, what, are we scoundrels? Better, if we give it a joke, better because that’s the way art is, art provokes things, happiness, anguish, anger. That’s art, provoking things and we’re not ashamed of anything.»

The artists were invited to participate in a tribute to Gustavo Cerati at the Teatro Colón, where they performed the song «Crimen» with an orchestra and an incredible staging. You can relive that moment here.» I was fucking back from entering columbus, I rarely was so afraid of a stage. I’m not afraid of almost anything, I’m very afraid of heights and being in the Columbus. It’s something I’d relive because it was a tribute to Cerati, Cerati’s whole family was looking in the front row, we had to sing ‘Crime’ with a fucking mother’s orchestra. They had made us a preparation to enter and that things were going to be that way. As soon as we set foot on stage, the Columbus fell down and destabilized me and scared me even more, but it’s good to feel scared because it drives you to do things you might not want to do, throw yourself in the pool, and I love throwing myself into the pool,» he confessed. In the case of Ca7riel, he also participated with Fito Páez on his new album. «Fatal photo refers to Fito,» said the young man on Instagram, who was one of the guests alongside Lali Espósito, Hernán «Bad Fame» Colonel and Mateo Sujatovich.» My mother, when she sees that Fito endorses me, or that Malafama or that Juana Molina comes and chooses to make a subject with me or just be, my old lady says ‘ah, my son is doing things right’, no matter how much she doesn’t see it that much. I’m re good, I don’t sweep on anything,» he says.

In addition, the artist accompanied Wos with the guitar: «I met him throwing freestyle, he was always Wosito, I was there doing what I could, but I banked it. There with the Wosito it was tremendous to connect one and one day he needed a guitarist or someone to help him make songs, because he is freestyler, he is the best at that. And he contacted me, he told me to get together to do things and I don’t know what happened, but I ended up producing a theme, even if I didn’t produce anything, I just put the microphone forward, I said ‘this is the autotune’, you can scream and it’s going to look good, you’re never going to detune,» he said. Maybe it’s the Wos, it always was. ‘Caravana’ is a classic of Argentine music, I feel like a godfather to that record. I was there swelling the eggs there while they were recording. They’re so good, they surf the wave so well that I was just surfing behind them. It’s a classic because it’s in the DNA of millions of people in Argentina, when music gets into a village’s DNA it’s a classic, an Argentine rock classic. You don’t even know what rock is anymore, don’t tell me,» he continued. However, he claims that he decided to focus his energies and concentration for his solo project: «I am so handle that I need it. The Wos has such a heavy project, the two projects are so heavy, they don’t give me the hands to hold anything. I would have loved to stay with Wosito until death, I would have loved to get to Japan with Wos, but I would also love to get to Japan on my own, so we’re going to meet in Japan someday,» he continued.

One of the constant references in his songs is to The Simpsons. «As Bart Simpson sold your soul,» he says in his theme «Dust» he published this year; in «Ola Mina» figure dressed as the yellow family.» The Simpsons is a folklore, I don’t know if worldwide, but in Argentina it hit a lot. They were on open, unpaid TELEVISION and in my house we didn’t have paid TV and you could watch the Simpsons. We all have Simpsons jokes inside the DNA, don’t tell me you don’t know the Simpsons, because you know them. I feel very identified with Bart Simpson, the Simpsons is a bible with all the characters that may be inside a city. I love them, they’re world folklore, I think,» she explains.

What is your vision of the current urban scene in our country? «A year of trap is rock, it’s new rock. They used to call you ‘you lack rock&roll’, now you’re missing trap. A year of whole trap, being on stage, being at night making a mess, not sleeping, living at an accelerated pace, that’s what I call trap. Out there for someone else means something else, but for me ‘trap’ is that, living it to the fullest, as much as possible, and there’s a fucking habit of not sleeping, which brings capitalism and the trap, which is all the same shit for me, but shit I love, so I think it goes that way,» he says. For him, the trap «is a language» with which many people feel represented, although clarifies he does not like to typecast his music in genres: «I think I am very degenerate, I have no genre, the music I do has no genre and the children who are musicians too, they will not make a genre because it is boring, we do not typecast ourselves. If there’s anyone who’s not even the town, he’s the one with the microphone in his hand, the reporters maybe, but I don’t typecast like nothing. Go find out what I am.» The trap served me to… I learned to write much better because I come from writing a lot of lyrics. Being a ‘rapper’, a lot of lyrical and explaining a lot of things, and the trap comes down to a few words, air and dancing, few words and air, and that taught me to fine-tune the aim and say what I want in a few words,» he concludes.
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