translated from Spanish: Legal abortion: I work against the wheel to convince the undecided

Last Wednesday, senators from the Front of All said they will work until the last minute to seek to convince undecided lawmakers and those who are against voluntary termination of pregnancy to get the law passed on December 29. Nancy Gonzalez, Senator of the Front of All by Chubut said the numbers are not yet defined. «Until the 29th we will continue to work with the colleagues who are undecided and also with those who are against it,» he said in dialogue with AM Del Plata.

There are rumors that legislators in favor of legalizing opposition blocs would change their vote so as not to give Alberto Fernández’s government a victory. On this, the official for St. Louis, Maria Eugenia Catalfamo, argued in Futurock: «You cannot oppose a law because it is sent by the President of the Nation, you have to be more empathetic and run off the part partidarian issues.» Both Catalfamo and Gonzalez agreed that it will be a «historic» vote. In addition, the senator of St. Louis acknowledged that the proposal may be «perfectable» due to requests for change by some senators, such as the Rionegrino Alberto Weretilnek, but considered that «today» the initiative should be approved as it came from the Chamber of Deputies.

The introduction of substantial changes to the articulation, as Proposed by Weretilnek, regarding conscientious objection and deadlines for abortion to be allowed in cases of rape after week 14 would involve returning the text to the lower house for a second review. On this possibility, Alfredo Luenzo, a legislator of the Front of All for Chubut, argued that he «would not want me to return to Deputies» the initiative as «we would be in a much more complex scenario» and then raised the alternative of «correcting with regulation», which falls to the Executive Branch.» The regulations will cover all those issues that are part of the debate and correct all the things that are pointed out in terms of the objectors of conscience,» he said.
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