translated from Spanish: Luis Pettersen on Felipe Rojas: «Let him suffer as my partner Fernanda and my daughter suffered»

After Felipe Rojas confessed to Fernanda Maciel’s crime, Luis Pettersen referred to this situation in Contigo Live from Chilevisión.La the young woman’s ex-partner expressed «I had never had a hatred against anyone, but I hate this person with all my heart.» All my hopes were set on this son of a confessing and telling the truth once and for all, he said of the reconstitution of the scene and the confession of the only accused in the crime. In that line, he added that «just as we expected it, it was also a very painful moment because I never imagined that I had reached that end of evil with Fernanda and my daughter.» It was a stroke of cold water that I never imagined. It came to mind my daughter, the Fernanda, a lot came to mind, anger, helplessness (…) I wanted to confront him (Felipe Rojas), face him and beat him to my boredom,» Pettersen said. , it was so much anger and mockery that his family was there next to my mother-in-law.» Pettersen hopes that «the law will put the heaviest hand on this guy, because no dog would have done what he did. All I hope is that justice, because I don’t expect anything from the prosecutor, (…) gives her every possible penalty and has no benefit.» Let him suffer as my partner Fernanda and my daughter suffered,» he said.

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