translated from Spanish: Morena will go in alliance with PVEM and PT to maintain a majority in San Lazarus

Morena agreed to an alliance with the Green Environmental Party of Mexico (PVEM) and Labor (PT) to form the «Together We Make History» coalition, with which they seek to keep the majority in the Chamber of Deputies in the 2021 elections.
Mario Delgado, president of Morena, said that this alliance is part of principles and values, and aims solely to guarantee a long life for the fourth transformation.
He said that as part of this alliance, the three political forces will go together in about 150 of the 300 electoral districts.

#EnVivo press conference to present Morena, PT and PVEM coalition to 2021
— Mario Delgado (@mario_delgado) December 24, 2020

Delgado indicated that the process of selecting candidates for meps will be by survey.
«We’re going to defend hope, we’re going to endorse most of them, and we’re going to show #JuntosHacemosHistoria,» he wrote on his Twitter account.

This is an alliance that is part of principles and values. The only goal is to give long life to the #CuartaTransformación for the good of the Mexican people.
We’re going to defend hope, we’re going to endorse most of them, and we’re going to show #JuntosHacemosHistoria
— Mario Delgado (@mario_delgado) December 24, 2020

The leader said he is confident that citizens will notice that things in the country are changing.
«The conservatives have already decided to stop pretending, they have taken off their masks and show their true face, the face of corruption, we see them with great anguish, with great despair, because they are losing their privileges, their complicity now we have an honest government,» the politician said of tuesday’s alliance announced by the PRI, PAN, and PRD.
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