translated from Spanish: Christmas festivities: 15 people were injured and one died in a sinister road

Following the Christmas festivities, sixteen people were attended in the early morning of December 25 in three public hospitals in buenos Aires. Fifteen of the internees had minor injuries from uncorkment, use of pyrotechnics and a quarrel. The remaining person is a young woman from the neighborhood of La Paternal who died from a crash with a car while driving her motorbike. Despite this latest news, from the Pedro Lagleyze Ophthalmological Institute, the Hospital de Quemados and the Hospital Santa Lucia confirmed that the decline that has been recorded year by year of injuries by domestic accidents during the end-of-year festivities was maintained.» It is a number that stays low, last year between the two parties we attended nine people. Year after year it has been descending, and that is a point in favor, although we do not yet have the zero that we are wanting,» said Télam Anahí Lupinacci, head of the guard at the Pedro Lagleyze.Al Lagleyze Ophthalmological Institute, entered «two people with pyrotechnic trauma, one for uncork from a beer, one wounded by a street bray and a child with a pyrotechnic wound» the head of the guard added. For her part, Valeria Fernández, plastic surgeon at the Hospital de Quemados in the Caballito neighborhood, claimed that four minors and one adult were cared for in recent hours for injuries related to the use of pyrotechnics. «Four children between the ages of eight and 13 came in and a 28-year-old, all with minor pyrotechnics injuries,» the surgeon told Télam. Carlos Díaz, head of the guard of the Hospital of Ophthalmology Saint Lucia in the neighborhood of San Cristobal, told Télam that «six patients entered, five with pyrotechnic injuries and one with trauma from a cork, of which only one is surgical. They are all under the age of 15, and the patient who needed surgery is relatively serious.» He also maintained that in relation to last year consultations fell in half. The young woman who died when she hit her motorbike, on which she was travelling with other friends, with a car died from the violent impact while two others had to be transferred to the life-threatening Alvarez Hospital. The causes of the accident in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Paternal are still being investigated, police sources reported. The crash occurred in the early hours of this Friday on Avenida San Martín, meters from Punta Arenas street. As a result of the sinister road, the man driving the car was delayed. Witnesses noted that the three women were driving aboard the bike when, metres from the San Martín Avenue Bridge, they were ramming by the black vehicle that crossed the red light. The man on board the vehicle that caused the accident, according to witnesses, wanted to escape but a vehicle that came behind him, got ahead of himself and locked him up so he wouldn’t go on. The bike lay 50 metres from the site of the collision, Télam found.

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