translated from Spanish: Survey to renew Morena leadership cost 15.5 mdp of public resources

The INE concluded that the series of surveys renewing the presidency and the general secretariat of Morena last year cost 15 million 552 thousand 927 pesos that were paid with public resources.
Mario Delgado was elected in October as president and Citlalli Hernández as general secretary, following an internal match for control of the party that lasted more than a year.
The INE Committee on Prerogatives and Political Parties will present to the General Council on Friday a report outing the total cost of the exercise, for which five surveying houses were hired.
The electoral arbitrator assumed an amount of 20 million 950 thousand 813 pesos to carry out the process of morenist selection, in compliance with a judgment of the Federal Electoral Court, which ordered that the internal election be decided by a survey not provided for in the Statutes of the political institute.
This expense was covered by the party itself through the prerogatives to which it is entitled. The 5 million 397 thousand 885 un exercised pesos were returned to Morena on 25 December, the report notes.
The budget that was spent was used by the INE for the procurement of BGC, Ulysses Beltran and Associates; Covarrubias and Associates; Demotechnics 2.0; Mendoza Blanco and Associates, and Parametry. 
Institutional messages were also paid for in electronic means in which the NSO reported on the internal brownist process; stationery for the receipt of registrations of applicants and the recruitment of two researchers to join the Expert Group.
The electoral institute initially defined two polls: one of «recognition», to reduce the list of candidates to the positions of the presidency and the general secretariat, and a final, to which the finalists would arrive and from which the winners would be in each position.
Citlalli Hernández was victorious in the process as general secretary; however, in the case of the party presidency, there was a technical tie between Deputies Mario Delgado and Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, which is why the INE determined to conduct a third tiebreaker survey.
On October 23, it was announced that Delgado was the winner of the third financial year and that he would be appointed president of Morena for a period of three years.
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Original source in Spanish

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