translated from Spanish: 1943 family spokesman seeks Morena’s diputation

Felipe de la Cruz, spokesman for the families of the 43 missing normalists of Ayotzinapa, registered as an aspirant to a federal provincial council of Morena by the multi-nominal route, which caused division within the movement seeking the clarification of truth.
Sources from the CEN de Morena confirmed that the activist registered this Friday for the fourth constituency, which includes guerrero state, where he is originally from.
De la Cruz is not yet a pre-party, as the Morena Elections Commission has yet to validate its registration.
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The activist disseminated on social media a photograph with his record sheet and a message in which he said he seeks to be a federal deputy to «make himself heard the voice» of the victims.
«To the people of Guerrero and Mexico, to the companions of the movements and social struggles, I inform you that this day I made the decision to register to participate for a candidacy of a federal council by means of proportional representation, so that we can continue our struggle from within and make the voice of social movements heard in the right place, and to seek that these crimes never be repeated, from the highest rostrum of our nation,» he wrote.
«I appreciate the support of all those who have been watching our movement so far, with one goal: to continue to support the movement until we know the truth and punish the culprits. I appreciate the support of each of you and I know that together we will achieve it.»
De la Cruz is the father of Angel Neri, survivor of the acts of violence that occurred in Iguala on 26 September 2014.
Recently, the spokesman stated that the possible prosecution of Salvador Cienfuegos, former secretary of the Defense, could help clarify the Army’s alleged involvement in the disappearance of students.
«It doesn’t represent us,» say relatives
Mothers and fathers of the missing normalists were de-armored from De la Cruz and argued that their political aspiration does not represent the interests of their movement.
«In this regard, we say that it is in its full right to exercise its political rights and the form of political participation, however, it is important to clarify that it is a personal decision, which was not shared or consulted with us, as parents of the 43rd. Therefore, it does not represent our movement, so we desy away from all the activities it performs and express that we will not allow the cause of the 43 and our pain to be used for electoral purposes and personal interests.
«In the meantime, mothers and fathers will continue to demand from the government the living presentation of our children and punishment of the material and intellectual perpetrators of this artly crime, while accompanying and sympathying with other struggles of women and men who from below demand justice. Our struggle is not guided and motivated by partisan or other reasons other than finding our 43 children, as well as obtaining truth and justice,» they reported in a statement.
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