translated from Spanish: Mexico has 4,000 mdd in reserve for buying COVID vaccines and medicines

Mexico’s government has a $4 billion reserve for the purchase of vaccines and medicines for COVID, the Ministry of Finance reported.
In a short message after receiving a new shipment of vaccines, the owner of the Treasury, Arturo Herrera, detailed that the reserves are in dollars, to ensure the value of the resources in the face of any movement in the exchange rate.
«To speak openly: for vaccines and drug-related issues we have in a sub account today $4 billion, this is more than double what we need, we have secured resources and currencies for everything that is required,» he said.
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Herrera also said that 6 billion pesos have been earmarked so far to pay for vaccines purchased since last December.
Today 124 mdp was paid to liquidate the new shipment of 233,385 doses of Pfizer.
Of the doses that came in on Tuesday, 83,815 are for Mexico City; 17,445 for Coahuila, and 13,650 for Nuevo León.
All other vaccines (118,475) will be distributed in the other 29 entities.
Vaccines from this shipment will be used to apply the second dose to frontline public health personnel, as well as to initiate the vaccination plan on private hospital medical staff.
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