translated from Spanish: Andrés Allamand and immigrant vaccination: «I should have been clearer»

Foreign Minister Andrew Allamand. He referred to his statements this week, in which he stated that immigrants who were irregularly in Chile would not be vaccinated against Covid-19.This later that from the Ministry of Health had to clarify that foreigners who self-detaught could participate in the inoculation process. In conversation with El Mercurio, Allamand explained that «one of the missions is to worry that the wrong signs about Chilean migration reality are not disseminated. This led me to intervene in the debate to make it clear that Chile is not going to admit COVID tourism.» However, it acknowledged that «it should have been clearer to explain that people who were in an irregular situation and who had self-dented or had carried out formalities before Fonasa should have since been understood to have been incorporated into the vaccinated population.» I meant that people who are in an irregular situation could access the vaccine by means of a simple record that they are trying to regularize their situation. But it wasn’t clear,» he added. In addition, the Chancellor noted that «the health authority subsequently felt that it was necessary to supplement the resolution with a new one,» and that what happened «cannot tarnish an extraordinarily successful campaign.»

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