translated from Spanish: Omar Moreno Palacios, «El Gaucho» died who brought indigenous music to stages around the world

The composer and guitarist, Omar Moreno Palacios, one of the greatest references of the Southern folk song, died last night at the age of 82, after s staying several months in hospital for encephalitis. The news was released by her daughter Rocío through a message on social media: «I can’t choose the words right now. I speak, I write and I still don’t think so,» he lamented. In the text he invited his followers to participate in the wake, which will take place between 13 and 15 on Wednesday, in Cerrito 1,990, in the Bonaerense town of Temperley, where he had lived for several years. In that sense, he remeasured that «he wanted nothing. No layoffs, no crying, no looking at him, he just wanted to be listening to milongas» and added that «anyone who wants and can move on to whatever he wants, say goodbye, cry, talk, pass or touch a subject, will be welcome.» With a long history, which includes the creation of classics such as «Sencillito y de espargatas», acclaimed at European festivals and considered a kind of anthem of the folklore characteristic of southern Bonaerense, Moreno Palacios positioned himself as one of the undisputed references of this style, along with other great ones such as José Larralde and Argentino Luna.

Omar Moreno Palacios, a friend of the soul, died.
Faithful exponent of the Surero countryman.
So it was, as in his milongas: «high without being fanciful, simple but showy, without boasting, with donaire».
«Like the asao of tira that does not hurt naide».
God bless you… — Hannibal Fernandez (@FernandezAnibal)
February 17, 2021

But he also had an arduous job as a diffuser of that style through various radio programs, as the case of the legendary cycle «La Posta», which passed through several stations until in 2017 he went on Radio Nacional.Born in Chascomús, «El Gaucho», as it was popularly known, made an early debut in music, at the age of eight, and maintained an intense activity in the region until he was 18 years old, when he settled in Uruguay, the homeland of his grandparents. There he had his first major exhibition in the media from his participation in the popular Radio Carve, where he rubbed shoulders with figures such as Sabina Olmos and Charlo, and radio El Espectador, where a young Alfredo Zitarrosa worked as an announcer.In the 1960s he returned to Argentina and began a remarkable career with performances on the main stages of the country, along with figures such as Los Chalchaleros, Los Hermanos Abalos, Raúl Barboza and Julia Elena Dávalos, among others. In this context, his most recognized works began to sound among which are «La paloma indiana», «Huella no huella», «Province of Buenos Aires», «I told you the truth», «Trovador surero» and «Good course», among many. Moreno Palacios also had acting interventions in theater, where he appeared in an adaptation of the play «Young, Widow and Stage»; and on television, the most remembered being his appearances on shows that had Luis Landriscina as the protagonist. The artist also found on radio the great place to broadcast traditional music in various cycles and, in the 1990s, began to participate assiduously from different European festivals, where his particular style caught his attention.

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