translated from Spanish: TEPJF revokes INE deal that prevented AMLO from talking about elections

The Superior Chamber of the Electoral Court of the Judiciary of the Federation revoked the resolution of the National Electoral Institute that ordered President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and officials of all levels of government not to talk about the exercise of prerogatives, internal life and party candidacies in the current electoral process.
The TEPJF considered that the GENERAL Council of the INE “exceeded as ordered by issuing inhibitory precautionary measures, issuing general guidelines with scope for all public servants, of all levels, when it had to be only for the President”.
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In addition, the General Council “delegated to the Complaints Committee the dictation of the measure, when the judgment pointed out that it was the Council itself that had to rule on it”.
The revocation of the agreement was determined by a majority vote during a private session held on Wednesday.
“The High Chamber determined that, contrary to what was considered by the General Council of the INE, the issuance of such an agreement did not involve the issuance of inhibitory precautionary measures but the imposition of non-repetition measures,” read in a statement.
The non-repetition measure, the document explains, requires a background study which corresponds to the judicial authority, and not to the stage of the precautionary measure.
With the decision of the TEPJF, the INE resolution is without effect, so the president will be able to talk about the 2021 electoral process.
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The request for precautionary measures was submitted by the PRD following The statements of López Obrador at its conference of December 23 on the opposition alliance Va Por México, which make up PAN, PRI and PRD.
On 15 January, the GENERAL Council of the INE corrected the PRD and approved a resolution ordering the representative not to talk about the exercise of prerogatives, internal life and party candidacies.
Days later, on January 19, the representation of the Federal Executive’s Legal Counsel filed a review appeal itself that proceeded in his favor.
In recent months, opposition parties have filed various complaints against the president for his comments at morning conferences.
Faced with the provenance of the complaints, the president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, has said that historically, the Institute has applied measures to officials who violated electoral law, such as former Presidents Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto themselves.
For his part, López Obrador has described these actions as acts of censorship and intolerance.
“As censorship is already fashionable globally, censorship already wants to silence us and it really is an attitude of great intolerance,” he said at one of his morning lectures last January.
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