translated from Spanish: Tini Stoessel opined on the poster of Oriana Sabatini

Tini Stoessel is a reference of all teenage girls who want to be like her, and that’s why she always tries to give a post-tive and encouraging message to everyone who follows her. In a recent interview Pampita did on her Net Tv show, she asked her what she thought about the video Oriana Sabatini had uploaded, talking about the complexes she has with her body and the eating disorders she went through for 10 years. 

Tini, in that regard, said: «I loved what Ori climbed, was able to open her heart and share something that for many years had her sad. We know each other, I’m very fond of him, and I can imagine everything that could have happened. As it happens to her, it happens to everyone with different things,» she said. 
«It is a very personal process to accept. Some have it easily re-found. I have my moments when I feel super comfortable and happy, and others where I don’t and say ‘I’d like to change such a thing’,» Tini admitted. 

Let us remember that she started from a young girl to work with a high exposure and being the face of «Violeta» the series produced by her father, which led her to immediate stardom. The talented singer said, «In everything that could have happened to me, I’m a pretty confident girl and that I recontraly thank. It’s a job I had to do since I was very young because I was exposed so young,» she said. 
Tini also talked about the comments she received for her body, and the rumors that were created around her thinness, which she also talked to the girls on the show and noted when Pampita told her, «You’re very skinny, but by nature, you were always like that,» the Pampita driver said online. And Tini referred to the rumors he had to process regarding that: «Yes. And that’s why a lot of things were invented. Being so young, they put so many things in my head that they weren’t even true because naturally it was,» Tini concluded. 

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