translated from Spanish: Citizen Movement promotes political trial against Felix Salgado

A group of activists and women representatives of the Citizen Movement party came to the Chamber of Deputies to promote a political trial against Félix Salgado Macedonio, morena’s pre-order to Guerrero’s government accused of rape and sexual harassment.
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Sofia Castro Guerrero, secretary of the Citizen Movement Advisory Council, together with women activists requested to start the process of deafphatering the licensed legislator, so that he does not compete for the candidacy and faces the positions for which they are appointed.

We were at @MX_Diputados to request salgado Macedonio’s disafphase.
Let the patriarchal covenant be broken! ?? #UnVioladorNoSeráGobernador
— Citizen Movement | Orange Movement (@MovCiudadanoMX) February 19, 2021

“It’s not an electoral issue, it’s a matter of justice in a country where dozens of women and girls are killed every day. protecting a rapist and letting him into the ballot is a matter of justice, which we will not let happen,” he said after delivering a document with the demands.
Citizen Movement noted that in total there are 3 cases of sexual harassment and of which there are no sentences for two reasons.
“First, before he was a senator, when one of the criminal complaints against him was initiated, he was protected by the priist governor, Hector Astudillo, according to the sayings of Guerrero’s exfiscal, Xavier Olea. Secondly, Morena’s candidate has had jurisdiction for years as a federal deputy and now a senator and criminal proceeding against him would imply the approval of the absolute majority of the Chamber of Deputies,” he said.
Meanwhile, the General Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies confirmed the receipt of the complaint of political trial against Salgado Macedonio.
“The complaint is motivated by violations of women’s human rights. The complaint was ratified on the same day, so on the basis of article 12(b) of the Federal Law on Public Servant Responsibilities, it will be referred to the Pre-Examination Subcommittee,” the House replied.
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