translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Izkia Siches’ record reminding the President of the use of the mask goes viral on social media

During this day President Sebastián Piñera led a meeting in La Moneda with different representatives of the political and social world to jointly face the return to classes in the context of the pandemic. Several authorities, the College of Teachers and the Medical College, who was represented by its president, Izkia Siches, were invited to the meeting. After the meeting, the Representative offered a press point, in which he referred to some of the aspects previously dealt with, giving rise to words also of the attendees, an instance in which other controversial events occurred, such as the message addressed by Carlos Díaz, president of the College of Teachers, asking Economy Minister Lucas Palacios to retract the controversial sayings he had made against the Magisterium.Read also: Carlos Díaz appealed to Minister Palacios from La Moneda: «I invite him to publicly retract»But, at the end of the meeting, the President began to fire without having placed the mask, which happened apparently without relevance to most of those present, except the president of COLMED, who made a call of attention to Piñera, after which the President took out his mask and placed it to continue with the farewells. Here is the log of the moment:

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