translated from Spanish: Walls and its departure from Colo Colo: “It is the payment of Chile”

Esteban Paredes referred to his departure from Colo Colo, questioning The President of Black and White, Hannibal Mosa, for the way he was told he would not continue in Macul.
In an interview with Meganews, Paredes referred to the circumstances that led the painting “albo” to fight the descent, stating that “this has been coming for a long time, with the integrate of Mario Salas, when they take out Agustín Orión, ‘Pajarito’ Valdés and the ‘Mago’ Valdivia. That’s where the club starts to decay.”
In the same line, he added that “they send us to cesantía insurance, there was very strong exchange of words on the campus that almost reaches the fists. That’s what he sent us so he could be fighting the descent.”
On his departure, he noted that after achieving the stay in Primera A he “lasted less than 12 hours (joy). The next day he calls me Hannibal Meosa and, being that we gave each other hugs that Wednesday… even he didn’t tell me, he sent the coordinator to tell me he had to be at noon at the club. I told him I couldn’t go, because he wasn’t in Santiago.”
“He calls me Hannibal and says, ‘Since you’re not in Santiago, I’m going to tell you on the phone. The board decided not to renew several players and among them is you. I have to tell you this way, on the phone,'” he added.
Paredes narrated that “he told me (Mosa) that the whole directory voted against and I told him that ‘you always had five votes, why don’t you have them now? I don’t get it.'”
“But well… is Chile’s payment. You have to think that they are a company and that the Social Club is aligned with them. I think it’s a bad way to fire the idols, it wasn’t the right way,” the attacker complemented.
The battering ram acknowledged that his departure from the team “hurt me, surprised me, because it wasn’t the right way to tell me (…) I would have stayed in Colo Colo, even though I didn’t play minutes. You know how I feel about the club. I hadn’t played much and I never did any problems for the technical team, I always supported the team 100%,” he added.
Finally, Paredes brazened the retreat right now, ruling that you have some proposals for this season and that “by Friday there will be surprises.”

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