translated from Spanish: Start Rosario Robles hearing for The Master Scam

This Friday he initiated the middle hearing of the trial against Rosario Robles, former puppet of Sedesol and Sedatu, for the presentation of evidence for the case of The Master Scam. The defence will ask that it be postponed to negotiate an alternate exit that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has so far rejected.
The former officer, who had had some health problems, is present at the closed-door hearing.
The judiciary gave the FGR and Robles Berlanga’s defense 24 hours to let him know if there is a chance of reaching an agreement in the open trial against the former omissions officer, or whether otherwise the case will move forward to go to trial.
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«If it is not differed, we will proceed to the relief of the intermediate stage. Then we will do a technical preparation for the preparation of the trial,» his lawyer Epigmenio Mendieta said as he entered the courthouse.
The criminal proceedings against Rosario Robles for the crime of improper exercise of public service in the form of omissions began in August 2019, without until now he has reached trial. In all that lapse, the former civilist has remained a press in the women’s penalty of Santa Martha Acatitla.
Robles and his lawyers originally argued that they would prove their innocence, however, after last November it was known that a judge had waged an apprehension order against him for a new charge of money laundering and organized crime, they changed his stance and sought the FGR to negotiate.
In the written indictment filed with the judge last year, the Prosecutor’s Office applied against Robles for sentences of up to 21 years in prison and the return of more than five billion pesos diverted from its premises. The opportunity criterion or short procedure sought by the defense would mean the freedom of Robles immediately or within a few months, and without handing over that amount.
The defense contends that this payment is inappropriate because they do not accuse her of having stolen or left them and simply does not have them.
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