translated from Spanish: Gasoline IEPS subsidies could be for electoral purposes

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- The subsidy that has been given in the Excise Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) to gasoline so that they do not continue to rise in price, could have to do with the electoral issue, said Heriberto Felix.
I think something has to do with the cause curiously so far these days they started putting up a subsidy.»

The president of the Hydrocarbon Supplier and Marketer in the central and northern state of Sinaloa added that another situation is that the price has soared.
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Read more: IEPS subsidy is to avoid further increase in the price of gasoline: Heriberto FélixExposed that the price of oil is rising internationally and goes alongside the price of gasoline, since most of it is imported.

«By this week, the subsidy rose to 1.78 Pesos of the Magna, a penny the Premium, and 80 cents in diesel.» It is worth mentioning that this is the first time premium has received an IEPS subsidy. However, gasoline prices continue to rise in Los Mochis.Read more: Coparmex Los Mochis will call for young people to come out and vote on June 6

The pact between Morena and PES, a checkmate to the opposition?

Original source in Spanish

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