translated from Spanish: New wave of Covid-19 contagion forecasts during March

World.- March 11, 2020 became a historic date when the World Health Organization declared the pandemic of the deadliest and most dangerous of the modern era. One year after this event, Health experts foresee a new wave of contagion that could be worse than the previous ones due to the new variants of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, which causes Covid-19.At a time when WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the pandemic declaratory at a press conference, the new respiratory virus was already of international interest and was present in all continents. Even six deaths associated with the new disease were already counted in the United States.
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The virus did not respect the border and took little time for U.S. trading partners. In the case of Mexico, health authorities detected the first case of Covid-19 on 27 February and the first death on March 18. Lack of effective medical treatment to combat it caused the country to declare a state of emergency On April 1, 2020.Read more: Covid-19: balance of the pandemic to one year of Mexico’s first case Between measures to mitigate the spread of the pathogen, authorities at all three levels of government suspended non-essential activities , with the aim of not saturating health systems and being able to provide adequate care to patients.

As of April 17 of the same year, the United States recorded the deaths of 2,000,289 covid-19 patients, while the death rate from covid-19 continued to grow exponentially in the three North American countries. Fatalities among the victims are elderly people and young people with comorities. Nearly a year after the pandemic decree and the hope generated by covid vaccines, infectologist Michael T. Osterholm says that a new wave of contagions could emerge globally this March. New dangers
American epidemiologist Michael T. Osterholm says the fourth wave of contagion may occur in March, which may be worse than the previous ones, because the new British variant of coronavirus is more dangerous than the virus first detected in the Wuhan region of China. According to the expert, thousands of people could die from not taking appropriate prevention measures. The health expert, whose previous predictions were correct, notes that the fourth wave of contagion will be felt throughout the world, but it will be in the American continent where it will cause the greatest staves. This is due to a latent combination of the different variants of the virus and the increase in active cases. Read more: The Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be sent to the states on Monday in the US. But it’s not the first time In an interview for the MPR News media, Osterholm explained that between march 1 and 15, the epidemiological situation could worsen. He said the decline in active cases of Covid-19 led people to relax health prevention measures, which in turn leads to a greater spread of the deadly virus.

Vaccination progress in CDMX reaches 65%

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