translated from Spanish: Chahin questioned Piñera’s pension announcements: “We are not about to deepen the current AFP system, but to change it”

Christian Democracy (DC) President Fuad Chahin criticized president Sebastián Piñera’s announcements regarding changes to pension reform discussed in Congress.
In a campaign activity from Talca, capital of the Maule region, Chahin sent a message to the Representative: “Let go of the ideological moorings, I think it is already good to defend the interests of AFPs and that he really sits down to talk,” He said, according to Cooperative slogan.
“We are not to go on with more of the same; we are not about to deepen the current AFP system, but to change it, to have a real social security system, and the Government has been very unclear about that, and it is not known how much pensions for the middle class are going to increase or when they will increase or where those resources are going to come from,” Chahin added.
The proposal submitted by the Representative consists in the expansion of the coverage of the Solidarity Pillar from 60% to 80% of the population. According to Piñera, this measure will benefit 480 thousand new middle-class pensioners, who have no state support and only depend on their individual savings.
He also said he will urgently bring about the planned reform in the Senate, pending discussion. Here he ratified the Government’s position of 6% separated into two groups of 3%, deglighting itself from what was approved in the Committee on Labour.

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