translated from Spanish: «Loco Memo» broke the silence and denied closeness to Tomás Bravo’s family: «I’m willing to collaborate with THE DNA»

During the early days of searching for Tomás Bravo, Héctor Sáez, better known as the «Loco Memo», posted a photo he took near the place where the little one was last seen. Since then, who would be a neighbor of the province of Arauco began to be targeted with suspicion and would be a person of interest to the investigation. Eventually, the man decided to give his version to CHV, denying the closeness he was once said to have with the family of the deceased child. «I want to deny my bonds of friendship which I supposedly have with the Escobar family. With Uncle Grandpa, with the boy’s mom, with Tomasito’s mom. I don’t have any family ties with them, no direct bond of friendship,» he began. He then confirmed that he is available to the Prosecutor’s Office. «I’m willing to collaborate with DNA, with the D.A.’s office, and I’m willing to collaborate when I’m required. I collaborate, but as long as there is a good intention; under no time under threat. I’m going to work with D.A. Ortiz, with the D.A. in charge. If I have to get a DNA, I’m going to do it to myself.» On his suspicions, he claimed not to blame justice. «If they named me a person of interest in the case, it was because Tomasito’s family said they saw me at the same time on the spot. I’m sorry about that because I was somewhere else that day, with other people.» He also reiterated his intention to collaborate, but insisted that he will not «under pressure.» Because just as the POI hangs out with 30 civil servants and looking for me as a horrible person, I don’t talk to those kind of people. That’s why I have contact with the prosecution, and if I have to testify, I’m going to testify before the D.A. I’ve had causes with him for a long time,» he replied.

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