translated from Spanish: Distribution of 399,000 new doses of the Sputnik V vaccine began

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, reported today that a total of 399,000 doses of component 1 of the Sputnik V vaccine began to be distributed to all provinces and the City of Buenos Aires.The distribution of these doses, which will reach all jurisdictions between Saturday and Sunday, points to the objective of continuing the vaccination plan against Covid-19 and sustaining the inoculation of people over 70 years of age, the Government reported.

Through a statement, the health portfolio highlighted that this new heading, which adds to the 3,418,965 recorded so far, will reach 3.8 million doses of this vaccine sent to all provinces in the coming days. The number of Sputnik V vaccines that were allocated at this time to each province varies according to the population of each district and the minimum packing unit, as 400 or 900 doses per conservator must be transferred.

COVID-19 Vaccination PlanA total applications: 2,355,467Vacunds with 1 dose: 1,913,083 people Vaccinated with 2 doses: 442,384 people Public Vaccination Monitor — Ministry of Health of the Nation (@msalnacion)
March 13, 2021

It was assigned as follows: 154,800 doses to the province of Buenos Aires; 27,000 to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; 3,600 to Catamarca; 10,800 chaco; 5,400 to Chubut; 33,000 to Cordoba; 9,600 to Currents; 12,000 to Entre Ríos; 5,400 to Formosa and 6,600 to Jujuy.A la Pampa will reach 3,000; 3,600 to La Rioja; 17,400 to Mendoza; 11,400 to Missions; 6,000 to Neuquén; 6,600 to Rio Negro; 12,600 a Salta; 6,600 to St. John; 4,200 to St. Louis; 3,000 to Santa Cruz; 31,200 to Santa Fe; 8,400 to Santiago del Estero; 1,800 to Tierra del Fuego and 15,000 to Tucumán.

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