translated from Spanish: Undersecretary Galli lashs out at the Broad Front for wanting to bring the Migration Act to the TC: «Apparently what they want is to abolish borders and allow anyone to enter»

«This bill is completely constitutional.» In this way, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, defended the Migration Act passed by the Senate, and took advantage of placing the Broad Front for its onslaught of going to the Constitutional Court (TC), to challenge the initiative.
«After eight years of processing, of parliamentary discussion, the Broad Front turns to the Constitutional Court to be able to impose those points where they disagreed and lost the votes in the National Congress,» Galli said, according to Emol.
In this regard, the government authority emphasized that the project is «constitutional» and warned that «those rules that are being challenged will have effects that can be dramatic for migration.»
«Here we have substantive differences. We believe, and we have said it from the outset as a government, that to have regular, orderly and safe migration, this immigration regulation is necessary,» he added.
He also lashed out that «there are others who apparently want to abolish borders and allow anyone to enter without any control.»

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