translated from Spanish: Jeanine Añez arrested in Bolivia for coup

La Paz, Bolivia.- Eduardo del Castillo del Carpio, minister of the Government of Bolivia, confirmed the arrest of former Interim President Jeanine Añez for her participation in the alleged 2019 coup d’etap against then-President Evo Morales. This action was judged by Añéz as «an act of abuse and political persecution» of the GOVERNMENT of the MAS. The arrest occurred during the early morning of this Saturday in the city of Trinidad, in the Amazon department of Beni, and was transferred from the Departmental Command to the airport for transfer to the city of La Paz.
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I inform the Bolivian people that Mrs Jeanine Añez has already been apprehended and is currently in the hands of the police,» Del Castillo said on her Facebook account.

Read more: Bolivia issues apprehension order against former President Jeanine AñezThe Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office issued on Friday an arrest warrant against the former interim president for the alleged crimes of «sedition and terrorism», related to the 2019 crisis that led to Evo Morales’ resignation from the Presidency.

«I report to Bolivia and the world that in an act of political abuse and persecution the MAS government has sent me to arrest. He accuses me of taking part in a coup that never happened. My prayers for Bolivia and for all Bolivians,» Añez wrote on Twitter at 1:48 local time on Saturday (05.48 GMT). The Minister of Government is scheduled to arrive in La Paz with former President Añez at the Bolivian Air Force hangar at 3:15 local time (07.15 GMT). From the afternoon hours of this Friday police officers and the Prosecutor’s Office remained on the outskirts of the residence of Añez in the city of Trinidad, to proceed with the arrest of the former commander and until now her whereabouts were unknown.

Eduardo del Castillo del Carpio, Minister of the Government of Bolivia, confirmed the arrest of Jeanine Añez. Twitter (@EDelCastilloDC)

Herself had already revealed on her social media the orders of apprehension against her and about several of her former employees. Former interim ministers of Energía Alvaro Guzmán and Energía Alvaro Coímbra were arrested on Friday in Trinidad and then transferred by a Bolivian Air Force aircraft to the international terminal of El Alto.Both were taken with a strong police guard to the facilities of the Institute of Forensic Investigations (IDIF), in the center of the city of La Paz, and then in a police van to the Prosecutor’s Office, where they are scheduled to give evidence in the coming hours. Read more: Ask for pre-trial detention for the former president of Peru for alleged bribesPrehension orders also extended against former government ministers Arturo Murillo, Presidency Yerko Núñez, defense Fernando López several former military and police chiefs.

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