translated from Spanish: Rodríguez Larreta, after Losardo’s departure: “I’m worried there won’t be a minister”

The head of government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, expressed concern about the delay in appointing Marcela Losardo’s replacement to the Ministry of Justice.” I am concerned, it is one of the most important ministries at a time where we have to defend the institutions because there is a vocation for advancement on institutions,” the leader of Juntos for Change in television statements argued.

Thus, the porting representative questioned the Government’s judicial policy again, after last week he spoke out against the official initiative that seeks to create a bi-departmental commission to analyze the work of judges. In that regard, he recalled that he was “very firm” against that idea and noted that this “violates the division of powers”. “We have to comply with the National Constitution. There is no need to create a new court. I disagreed and I was very angry,” he explained. President Alberto Fernández still analyses who will replace Marcela Losardo, who formally remains at the helm of the Ministry.After her departure, which would be announced in the coming hours, Losardo could assume as an ambassador for UNESCO, since she became vacant after the death of Pino Solanas.

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