translated from Spanish: Billy Chapman betrays Vargas Landero and Mingo Vazquez

Double treason. In a few days, licensed Mayor Guillermo “Billy” Chapman betrayed twice: Morena-PAS candidate Gerardo Vargas Landeros and Labor Party candidate Domingo Mingo Vázquez. Taking the City Council as his operational-electoral arm, he suddenly directed municipal officials to promote cross-voting in favor of Rubén Rocha Moya for governor, but not for Vargas Landeros for mayorality. For this position they began to promote Mingo Vazquez, who was left to love for his inexperience and because his closest friends did not alert him that Chapman was un trusting because they felt it was in their best interest. They didn’t realize that did them more harm than profit. When Chapman got the attention of Rocha Moya and Vargas Landeros and that came his “godfather” Ignacio Nacho Mier, coordinator of federal deputies of Morena, left the Minguista ship. At least that’s in appearance. The calculations that do not few are that the damage, minor or greater, already did it to the sports promoter who goes up in electoral preferences. Forced to delinde. Many say that in the face of chapman’s predicament, Mingo Vazquez must act immediately for damage control. And maybe it’s the win because some consider the licensed mayor to “eat” him for being green in the political-electoral lids. I mean, some see him as a victim of chapmistic perversity. However, the electrician union leader has let things run. Those who know claim that it is time for Mingo Vazquez to make public his deslinde de Chapman and his officials at a press conference as he has already done to establish his positioning of other cases. That’s if you want to cut that “grey spot” in the final stretch of the campaign. For the time being, Chapman’s participation in the event with Vargas and Nacho Mier takes half a weight off Mingo Vazquez. 
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Read more: Mario Delgado points to the PAN of “rigged INE employees” to get their hands on elections Calculations. Some took with reservation that Chapman had realigned with Vargas Landeros. The question that haunts is whether the mayoral Morenist-Pashista candidate wins or loses with the return of Chapman, the most rejected mayor in Ahome’s political history. The one who left had given his campaign an image respite, so some still don’t understand why they were trying to get him back. Very easy: they believe that with the resources and staff of the commune they pull more votes to the morenist-Pasista-Vargaslanderist project that subtracts it from making chapman’s lousy image among the Ahomens. Rich line. Of course, the Priistas and their mayoral candidate Marco Antonio Osuna Moreno rub their hands for the role Chapman is playing in the final stretch of the election campaign. So is Miguel Angel Camacho, candidate of Citizen Movement. If they already brought harsh reviews against Chapman to hit Morena and PT, now it looks like they were winded up. Chapman became a rich philo, but some point out that Osuna Moreno’s problem is that the acronym for the PRI does not pay his project and Camacho is of the same style. Read more: Jesús Vizcarra reiterates that he will not get involved in the elections of SinaloaCierres. The one who began to close his campaign for the syndicatures of El Fuerte is the candidate of the Green Ecologist, Vicente Pico, and the candidate for the local provincial council by El Fuerte-Choix, Omar Castro. Yesterday he did so in San Blas, one of the key syndicatures in triumph or defeat. And whatever it is for everyone there were people. There were even leaders of that syndicature who joined that last-minute project, such as Ulysses Astorga, son of Jaime Astorga, former president of the PRI in El Fuerte, who recently allied himself with Gildardo Leyva, morena’s candidate.

Original source in Spanish

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