translated from Spanish: Guillermina Valdés told Marcelo Tinelli’s strange touch: “This guy is shitting me”

He doesn’t usually give a lot of interviews because every time he makes a public appearance he usually leave several headlines in his wake. This time, invited by her friend, Jey Mammon, Guillermina Valdés, she was on the floor of Los Mammones and talked about everything a little bit. Once settled on the couch and after several jokes, the model recounted what the beginnings of her relationship with Showmach’s driver were like and referred to the scandal that was her once-commented romance, now hyper-consummated. “We were introduced by Paula, a friend of mine. I didn’t know Marcellus, I’d crossed him in two or three events. There was always the theme of ‘the friend’s wife’, as if the woman were someone’s. I wasn’t anybody’s wife. A friendship was not, we had never shared a birthday, a baptism, never came to my house. They had worked together and at social events we crossed, but there was no friendship. It’s good to be able to clear that up. I was divorced, Sebastian was in a couple with a divine girl (Ivana Figueiras),” Guillermina began. “It was all very rare for me, at the level of having to turn off the TV so that my children don’t get affected. It was hard for everyone. There was a thing of unreality, of many people talking. I am as very justified, when something seems unfair to me Marcellus tells me ‘don’t go out and answer because if the topics don’t grow’. It was a great apprenticeship for me, I wasn’t that exposed. You learn,” he continued.

“It is good to be able to say that Marcellus was met in 2012, we were introduced. I never had a chance to clear it up, I think it’s good. If one has patience and waits, the opportunity comes to express ourselves. We don’t all have a microphone to talk about each other and we have that power,” he said bluntly. Then characteristic of the program they moved on to a more relaxed talk and the model revealed that in the beginning she noticed something strange in the action of the president of San Lorenzo that made her suspect incuso of some infidelity. “Marcelo has a theme with perfume… puts it on all the time: to go to the gym; to do the English class by zoom… always!” he pointed out to Jey Mammon’s laughter.” I remember, at first, when we started dating, I wondered ‘what’s up? Do you wear perfume all the time? a lot? This guy’s shitting me,’ he said. But no. She has something with the perfume,” detailed the guest who quickly put aside her suspicions when consulting her the driver told her she was only wearing perfume because she liked to feel the smell.

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