translated from Spanish: 5 iOS apps to improve productivity in Home Office

One of the most used smartphones today is the iPhone, which has an operating system that is very friendly to people, also has apps that can get the best out of the smartphone, among those you can find some iOS applications that are focused on being used by the people who are doing Home Office to be able to have a better performance. Focus To-Do
One of the iOS apps that can be very helpful when working from home is Focus To-Do, this works through the pomodoro technique that makes the user focus on a certain amount of time to be able to finish the task to be done, this means that it turns the iPhone into a timer that tells you when to concentrate more to finish the work.
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iPhone has many apps that can be very helpful when you want to work with it. Photo: Unsplash

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In case you use your iPhone as a work tool when you’re doing Home Office there’s an iOS app that can be very helpful and that’s Dropbox, which works like a cloud on the internet to store information, plus that can be very helpful when you want to send files but that these are heavier than what WhatsApp.Forest allows you to
When working from a home users can get to have the problem of lack of concentration, that’s why there are iOS apps that can become very helpful like Forest, which allows to be able to block certain apps within the iPhone so that you can not get to use them within the working time period , this will cause the technology article not to be used to distract you. Petit BamBou
When working directly from home can happen the problem of users having anxiety attacks, insomnia or getting fatigued very quickly, that’s why the Petit BamBou iOS app comes out, which allows people to learn how to meditate so they can get to relax just by using an iPhone , this with the idea of having better mental and emotional health. Read more: This will happen to your iPhone if you don’t update the latest version of iOSWhereby
The Whereby app comes to replace Zoom’s iOS app, which is that with it you can create virtual work meetings without the need to use another one, plus it offers greater security when you’re using it, it also allows you to make these multi-person video calls, but without the need to be using a camera to be able to enter , so it would be a pure voice call.

Original source in Spanish

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