translated from Spanish: For INE overrepresentation multinominal Chamber Deputies

Mexico.- The General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) endorsed, by a majority, an agreement that determines criteria on the allocation of charges by means of proportional (multi-primary) representation with the aim of preventing over-representation in the lower house of congress of the Unión.De as referred to by the electoral management body these new guidelines will help ensure that the votes that citizens make at the ballot boxes in the forthcoming elections on 6 June are effectively reflected in the spaces of the Chamber of Deputies.
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It should be noted that this agreement states that those aspiring who manage to obtain a district by relative majority, the conquest of public office will only be counted towards the political party for which they militate. Read more: Weight lowers in value and Mexican Stock Exchange Loses Today March 19 

INE approves criteria to avoid overrepresentation in the Chamber of Deputies/Source: Twitter @INEMexico

To carry out the above, the INE will corroborate the “effective affiliation” of each of the candidates who have won a curul through the multi-nominal route, meaning that such persons will have to appear on the standard of the militants of the partisan association at the court of the future March 21.

What we want to shy away from is that, on the basis of the coalitions that have been made, some of the legislative places are obtained by joining one party by contesting the emblem of another, that is, it is sought to prevent distortion of proportional representation, since this would harm the vote of the public. It should be noted that the agreement also provides that the INE will allocate multi-nominal meps, taking care that there is no more than 8% overrepresentation. This will apply not only to political parties, but also to their respective coalitions. Read more: National Electoral Institute postpones process against HidalgoMorena counselors accuses INE of obstructing majority
In this regard, the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Morena went out to denounce that the electoral management body wants to prevent them from obtaining a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. In addition, they denounced that the INE is getting into the legislative field, powers that do not belong to it. In response, President Lorenzo Córdova indicated that the INE is not legislating, but only by issuing some rules because Congress did not rule on the matter. In addition, he argued that what was established determines what the body will do and not how political parties should act.

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