translated from Spanish: Mercosur Summit: Solá met with his Paraguayan pair to finalize details

The Chancellor of the Argenrtina Republic, Felipe Solá, analyzed with his paraguayan peer, Euclid Roberto Acevedo Candia, the health situation in the region by the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the details of the next Mercosur summit, to be held on Friday 26th in virtual form. During the meeting, both officials agreed that “there is a vaccine deficit affecting the region” and discussed “the possibilities of establishing cooperation mechanisms according to the needs of each country, as well as ways to assist Paraguay with medical equipment and supplies”. Regarding Mercosur’s 30th birthday on 26 March, ministers agreed that “the bloc must continue with the intense agenda of external negotiations and function as a common platform for competitive international projection of the region, so as to link it with other markets in a post-pandemic scenario”.

As Chancellory reported in a statement, they also considered that “the occasion should serve to take stock of progress between the four countries (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay)”. In addition, the need was marked to “strengthen the integration agenda on key issues such as physical and digital infrastructure, trade facilitation, citizenship, value chains and regional productive integration, and improvement in institutional functioning”. In another order, Solá gave Chancellor Acevedo a model of protocol for the actions of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team in the case of girls Lilian Mariana and María Carmen Villalba, 11, killed on September 2 last year in Yby Yaú, Department of Conception of Paraguay, in an operation of the Joint Task Force.If approved , Argentina and Paraguay “will have taken a fundamental step to begin a research task that reveals the truth of the fact”, indicates the text disseminated by the Palacio San Martín.

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