translated from Spanish: Woman kisses police to avoid fine for curfew in Peru

Peru.- An officer was suspended from her duties as a security element, after being captured by a surveillance camera when kissing a woman as a bribe to evade a fine, after the girl did not respect the curfew by the Covid-19 pandemic.The events were recorded in Miraflores, Lima district, capital of Peru, when on February 14 a woman was arrested by a policeman; apparently the female was not respecting the curfew that the authorities imposed for the coronavirus.
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The security camera captured the moment the police stop the girl from taking her data by claiming a fine for not breaking the curfew.

The images show how, while the policeman is doing the offence, the young man tries to kiss the security element while the young man resists the woman’s rapprochement. However, the municipal agent changes his mind and when he thinks he was not observed, he lowers the water cover and kisses it. According to local Lima media, once the video was released on a television show, the policeman was removed from office for misconduct. Read more: Woman strikes up the tires of her neighbor’s car by parking it in front of her home in TabascoA further began an investigation to determine if the girl’s situation, by violating with the curfew imposed.
The serene (official) commits this irregular fault and according to the protocols we have separated it immediately and we are carrying out the corresponding investigations,» said deputy citizen security manager of Miraflores.

Original source in Spanish

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