translated from Spanish: They ask to send to oral trial a young man prosecuted for contagions at a party of 15

Morón’s federal prosecutor’s office asked to send to trial the crime of “culpable spread of a dangerous and contagious disease” aggravated by “resulting in illness and death” to the 26-year-old who went to a 15-year-old coronavirus party, he barely returned from the United States on March 14, 2020.Se is about Eric Torales, who is being prosecuted for the contagion of 19 people at the event, including his 78-year-old grandfather, who subsequently died. The request to send the young person to trial was made by the federal prosecutor of Morón Santiago Marquevich, who considered it proven that Torales “violated the mandatory isolation that he was to comply with under UND 260/2020”.

Santiago Marquevich, federal prosecutor in charge of the case.

“Given that it is duly verified that the accused violated the mandatory isolation to be maintained under UND 260/2020, I believe that he will also have to be responsible for the crime of violation of measures taken by the competent authorities to prevent the introduction or spread of a pandemic,” the prosecution concluded in the request for an action. His grandfather, 78, died a few weeks later, on April 1, of coronavirus. The complaint was filed by Moreno’s mayor, Melina Fernández, because the party took place in that jurisdiction and days later, on March 19, same received the first five calls from guests with symptoms. Torales traveled to the United States on February 25, 2020 and returned on March 13, when he was informed that he should be isolated for returning from a country that, at the time, was considered a “coronavirus-affected area.” The defendant went to his birthday and two days later attended a clinic in the Porteño neighborhood of Belgrano, where the diagnosis of positive coronavirus was confirmed.

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