translated from Spanish: Cande Tinelli questioned bullfights and maintained a cross with his followers

Cande Tinelli for many years has been a declared militant for animal rights and a fervent critic of everything to do with mistreatment of them. That is why on his visit he did not surprise his reaction when he passed through the Plaza del Paseo de Toros, where bullfighting is usually performed. Lelé, as she prefers to be called, posted on her Instagram account a photo of the venue where bullfighting is practiced and placed two stickers that ignited the controversy: one sad face and one vomiting. And the followers soon sent him messages that the driver’s daughter was in charge of responding vigorously. Because while it is a very entrenched custom in the European country, it is still one of the cruellest “entertainments” in animal matter. That’s why Cande took the job of clearing his stance. “It’s entertaining,” one user narrowed down. And the it girl’s response was lapidary: “Entertaining? Entertaining would be to do to you the same as the bull.”

After this crossing, the messages began to rise in tone. “Long live the sales and OLÉ,” one follower told him. Tinelli then took advantage of the punchline of that phrase to answer with a raised-pitched comment: “And smell my ass. useless,” he wrote. 

Another comment pointed out that it was a custom of yesteryear to what she retruded on: “I’m worth a swallow of tradition. I’m not in favor of animal abuse anywhere in the world. I go wherever I want, and I publish whatever I want. If it bothers you, don’t follow me. I kept eating bull’s tail, and I thought you were superior to animals. Piece of goose!” he said.

Original source in Spanish

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