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United States. – The Kardashian-Jenners take eccentric steps to prevent the Covid-19 from entering your home.
The coronavirus health emergency keeps many celebrities in complete isolation. So the case of the controversial Kardashian sisters, who have taken the necessary steps to protect their family and continue their projects.
Their television show, with which they decided to continue, albeit under strict health measures to prevent contagion.
Cohen said he would conduct an interview with the sisters of his new show, but that he must have been able to get to the mansion had to come to a peculiar process.
He was taken by the Kardashian team to a medical center in San Francisco, where he was given a PCR test to find out if he had Covid-19 and was then transferred to one of the family homes.
Upon arrival at the place a first door was opened where the cars enter and are directed to a second door, in this case it will only open and receive the guests if the proof of them came back negative, otherwise it will not open.
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For those who are family guests and head home, the Covid-19 test is on ranked by the Kardashian. This process is done with each of the people who enter the home of the socialites to avoid contagion.
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