translated from Spanish: Beatriz Sánchez starred in a tuitero debate with Minister of Education: “Is this what she showed up for?”

The candidate for constituent for District 12, Beatriz Sánchez, generated a wide- lengthy debate on social media after he held the Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa.It all began when the secretary of state assured DNA that municipal schools had fewer face-to-face classes in March due to reasons “closely associated with political factors”. It was via Twitter that the former candidate for La Moneda employed the authority. “Is this what you showed up for, Minister? To show his monumental lack of knowledge of the reality of Chile’s schools? Do you think that in La Pintana you did not go back to classes for political reasons and not for access and infrastructure? His ignorance is disrespectful,” he wrote. Minutes later came the response of Figueroa himself, who using his account on the platform dismissed Sanchez’s sayings. “Don’t @labeasanchez. Precisely because his students need him, La Pintana returned to school. And to improve the infrastructure of its establishments, resources were awarded from the I Trust My School of @Mineduc,” he said. However, the journalist returned to the charge by insisting on her point. “He showed up, Minister! And confirm my point. The problem of public education, exacerbation in the pandemic, has always been the government’s resources and political will. Do not disguise the requirement of safe conditions for teachers and students as ‘political factors’. It’s very dishonest,” he said.

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