translated from Spanish: Association presided by Lozoya, in alleged network of corruption

Club of boys and girls Mexico CDMX and state of Mexico, a civil association in which Emilio Lozoya Austin, former director of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), appeared as its president, received donations from the company Ternium, allegedly involved in the so-called cartel Lava Jato, a plot of corruption in which public contracts were exchanged in exchange for bribes.
According to the annual report of 2017 of the Organization, this year received 9,515,000,642.67 pesos in donations from 41 companies, including Ternium, which is part of the Italian-Argentine group Technit.
What allegations of corruption have been faced by companies convened to build two mouths?
According to the research carried out by the media PROFILE of Argentina, L’Espresso, Milan, and the site Poder360, from Brazil, the Italian-Argentinian company gave Petrobras 8.5 million dollars between 2009 and 2014 through companies Offshore To achieve the construction contracts.
In Mexico in 2014, as documented by journalist Raúl Olmos in the book Mud Giant: The history of corruption of Pemex, Technit and Odebrecht partnered with the Mexican construction company Arendal to carry out two works that were directly allocated For Pemex, during the management of Lozoya: The northern section of the Los Ramones gas pipeline and the ethylene XXI plant.

#Techint partnered with #Odebrecht to build two works in Mexico: The #LosRamones Pipeline and the #EtilenoXXI plant, which has operated with subsidy from @Pemex
The pipeline contract was US1000 million, allocated by handpick on dates that coincide with bribes
The story
— Raúl Olmos (@RaulOlmos_mx) March 19, 2019

Interpol turns red card against Lozoya; In Mexico judge temporarily suspends the arrest warrant
Emilio Lozoya and boys and girls Club Mexico

Boys and girls Club Mexico CDMX and Estado de Mexico is an association that, according to its website, focuses on «inspiring and educating children and young people between 6 and 18 years in a situation of vulnerability and social risk to develop their maximum potential as citizens Productive and responsible, through extra-curricular programs within a healthy and safe space. » The association says to have other offices in Nuevo León, Hidalgo, Baja California and San Luis Potosí.
Lozoya Austin signed as president of the organization in the document sent to the donors of the campaign «donate a Brick», as can be found in an email sent by Patricia Carrasco and is registered as the contact address on the page of the Organization and registration of the association in the Committee to promote the activities of Civil society organizations.
In 2017, Lozoya Austin was an advisor to the association, as shown in the annual report of the Organization of that year.
Triangulation of resources and use of prestanombres, the accusations of the FGR against Lozoya
However, Mexico City-based organization denied Political Animal That Lozoya Austin has been the president of the Association. In response to an application, the organization held that all information in this regard is false, including the annual report of the organization where it appoints counselor and is available on its own page. The association refused to provide more data.  
According to the Promotion Commission, in 2017 and 2018 the association received support from the National Institute of Social Development to provide «advice to civil society organizations to carry out formalities before the Federal registry of CSOS». In 2017 the consultancy focused on the registration process and 2018 in the annual report. However, the association did not deliver or deliver its own report of 2018.
Authorities investigate house acquired by Lozoya in Las Lomas
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