translated from Spanish: Biden asks for 861 mdd to invest in Central America and prevent migration to the US

In his 2022 federal budget proposal, U.S. President Joe Biden asked his country’s Congress to approve $861 million that would be invested in Central America, as a measure to curb migration.
In the draft document, the US government argued that it seeks to tackle the underlying causes of migration and that if approved, this budget would be “a first step towards a four-year commitment to invest in Central America.”
It also includes the proposal to provide more funds for the Nationalization and Citizenship service, which among other objectives seeks to speed up the processing of asylum cases, which sometimes wait years to be analyzed.
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In recent months, the United States has faced a significant increase in the inslating of migrants from Central America.
In February alone, almost 100,000 migrants were detained on the US-Mexico border, while in March a record number was reached in the last 15 years, especially unaccompanied minors, with 18,663 children.
The massive arrival of migrants on U.S. soil poses a logistical, humanitarian and budgetary challenge for Joe Biden’s government.
For this reason, a few months ago, President Biden announced a $4 billion aid program for Guatemala, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Last Wednesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador held a conversation with US Vice President Kamala Harris, in which they also addressed the issue of increasing illegal migration.
“There is a willingness on our part to add wills in combating human trafficking and protecting human rights, especially girls and boys,” López Obrador said after the talk.
While Kamala Harris thanked the President of Mexico for his cooperation and said they will work together to address the causes of migration, improving the region’s conditions.
Harris was appointed by Joe Biden to address the causes of undocumented migration in coordination with the governments of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.
Biden priorities
In the budget proposal, which amounts to more than $1.5 trillion, Joe Biden’s government raised health and education as its priorities, above sectors such as defense, unlike the previous government.
Non-defense programs would have a budget of $769.4 billion and $753 billion to defense plans.
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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen noted that this request for funds “makes things fairer” and “injects” money “into communities where capital arrives with difficulty.”
Among other things, the U.S. government intends to invest $36.5 billion in schools in the poorest quintiles.
The project also includes health research projects, with a focus on diseases such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
With AFP information.
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