translated from Spanish: CDE filed complaint against former Carabineros staff for illegitimate constraints during social outburst

The Council for the Defence of the State (CDE) on Thursday filed a criminal complaint against former Carabineros andrés Urrutia Garcés, and those responsible for crimes of unlawful apprehends and serious injuries committed against Erwin Retamales, events that occurred during the social outburst.
The victim – Retamales – was on October 19, 2019 at a demonstration on Gran Avenida con Avenida Central in El Bosque when he kicked a police vehicle. Above the vehicle was Urrutia, then the second sergeant of Carabineros of the commune police station, who descended from the vehicle and, according to criminal action, “initiated an infantry chase of the victim by Los Carolinos street, managing to give it scope at a fair in the sector, where, abusing his office or his duties, he applied cruel and degrading treatment to the victim , proceeding to hit it repeatedly with kicks in its face.”
The COE’s arguments state that after analysing the facts and background, it is concluded that urrutia’s violence is unjustifiable and contrary to any police protocol.
The Legal Medical Service (SML) was the body that found its injuries, which were performed “by the action of a blunt object, of serious legal medical prognosis, that healed in 60 to 70 days, with equal time of disability”.

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