translated from Spanish: Religious school students beat a classmate from a second floor in Argentina

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World.- Five students from a religious school were charged with trying to assassinate another young man, who would have been thrown off the second floor in a hotel in the city of Bariloche during his graduate trip. In the wake of the attack, the victim, who miraculously survived, suffered multiple fractures and is recovering. Meanwhile, the assailants are at large.
The event happened last March 27th. Four of the defendants, between 17 and 21 hours that day, violently broke into room 1215 of the Hotel Pioneros Villa Huinid, in San Carlos de Bariloche, in which A. N. was staying. To deceive him, first, they would have knocked on the door and by not being able to enter, they forced it together to achieve it. Meanwhile, the fifth of them, “made a bell in the corridors of the hotel”.
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Once they were inside, the defendants would have physically assaulted the victim, by fist blows until they managed to pass out, and then threw him out the window of a second floor into the inner courtyard of the establishment, causing serious injuries, so he had to be transferred from the emergency room to the hospital. Meanwhile, the aggressors, who were not detained, returned to the province of Buenos Aires, two days after the fact.
“While these kids are in college today and they’re getting on with their lives, A.N. is at home, with nothing to do, waiting to be operated on. His parents had made a great effort to get him to travel and enjoy, it’s unfair that he ended up like this,” said one of the complaining lawyers, Stanislao Cazaux.
Bariloche Guarantee Judge Juan Pablo Laurence endorsed the charges that Prosecutor Betiana Cendón had made and imputed to students, three of their age and two minors, of “aggravated murder in an attempt group.”
Among the evidence presented by the prosecution is film material from the hotel’s security camera system, where it was recorded when the youth entered A.N.’s room and then ran out.
Source: The Nation

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