translated from Spanish: AMBA gyms must be closed for new restrictions

Gymnasiums in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA) must remain closed until April 30, communicated this Monday, April 19, as part of the restrictions dictated by President Alberto Fernández to stop the increase in coronavirus contagion, and the consequent collapse of the health system. This was reported by the City Government through its website where restrictions were stated to «include gymnasiums» through a statement entitled «The Measures of the National Government in the City», in Decree 241. 
While restrictions began to govern from last Friday the 16th, gymnasiums kept their doors open until this Monday as «the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (UND) did not specifically mention» the suspension of these establishments but «sports, recreational, social, cultural and religious activities carried out in enclosed areas».

New restrictions include gyms | City Government

«Gyms are health workers. We do not carry out recreational or sports activities. There is no sports, but physical activity,» said the president of the Argentine Chamber of Gyms (CGA) and the Megathlon network, Fernando Storchi, on Friday. So this Monday, City Police troops and inspectors arrived at the open gyms to suspend operation, demanding that customers leave the site. In this sense, «they are only allowed if up to 20 people develop outdoors or in public space and according to protocols».

AMBA gyms must be closed until 30 April | Illustrative image

Storchi recalled that after remaining «seven and a half months without working in the AMBA area,» it was demonstrated «that the protocols we have implemented, under the advice of health personnel, work very well.» «They are very effective and, in more than five months back to activity, we have no case of contagion within the establishments. Unlike last year, our customers or partners are now asking us to stay active,» he concluded.

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