translated from Spanish: They identify the four shot dead in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- In the first minutes of this Saturday there was a shooting between alleged members of antagonistic criminal groups on the road from Culiacán to Sanalona, where four men were killed, apparently three of them would be minors. During the early morning of this Saturday, emergency numbers 9-1-1 were reported to be the presence of an open van with open doors and dozens of bullet hits, which inside there were people killed on the road between the community of Higuerita and the syndicature of Sanalona, in Culiacán.
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At the arrival of elements of the State Police, four bodies of men shot dead during the confrontation were located, despite carrying bulletproof vests and tactical equipment. Read more: Confrontation between rival groups leaves four dead in Sanalona, CuliacánDos alleged brothers of names Javier Antonio and Brayan Alexis, apparently residents of the colony Los Huizaches in Culiacán, together with Luis Enrique, would be the three minors killed in the confrontation of criminal groups, in addition to the man identified as José Ignacio «N», resident of the colony Mexican Republic of the city of Culiacán.

To the site where the shooting was recorded, the Undersecretary of Public Security of the State of Sinaloa, Alberto Hernández Leyva, was transferred, who reported that it was a confrontation between rival crime groups, as the dead men carried bulletproof vests and tactical equipment, and also inside the van located two weapons of thick caliber. From the gunshot showdown, it was mentioned that it was in the middle of the night that bursts of long weapons were heard for several minutes in the vicinity of the Higuerita community, and through an anonymous call the find of the van was reported shot with three people killed inside and another on the asphalt.                 Staff of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Sinaloa moved to the site to carry out the corresponding proceedings. Elements of the Eagle and Expert Group came to look for clues at the shooting scene. In the area cordoned off by the preventives, they photographed the dark-colored Toyota Highlander pickup truck, which was left with the doors open over the orient-to-west dimensioning with dozens of bullet impacts on body and glass, and near it the body of one of those executed, who carried bulletproof vests and tactical equipment. Read more: Man dies apparently after drifting on motorcycles in Costa Rica, CuliacánWhile inside the van were found three other men with bullet hits and also equipped, armed and with communication radios. After processing the crime scene, authorities set out to track the area, locating dozens of ar-15 and AK-47 gun caps, known as Horns of Chivo, which were scattered around on the asphalt tape and around the van. And after nearly three hours of expert work, it was ordered to lift the bodies of the occisos to be transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), to practice law studies.

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Original source in Spanish

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