translated from Spanish: Opponents of the Olympic Games have already gathered more than 200 thousand signatures

Japan.- Problems for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics do not stop, now a request made over the Internet has already surpassed more than 200,000 signatures requesting the cancellation of the event as a danger to the health of the inhabitants of Tokyo and the country in the face of covid-19’s high contagion rates.Sabotage to the Olympic Games began just this May 5 when attorney Kenji Utsunomiya issued a statement with a direct message to the International Olympic Committee commanded by Thomas Bach and the International Paralympic Committee led by Andrew Parsons to once and foremost decide and listen to the Japanese people in the face of their refusal of the Games.
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The letter was also addressed to Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga to the organizer committee of the Olympic Games. The lawyer’s words mention that they should think about protecting people and their lives. He says it’s not time for such a big event as the pandemic isn’t over and that puts the country at risk. Read more: Serie A is the first football league to join the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTA also shared an important point that the Olympic Games will need and are the spaces of care, and medical personnel, the same one that a few weeks ago decided to reveal itself for not seeing with good eyes that they have asked him to work on something so great exposing their lives. Just a few days ago the Health System in Japan announced that they were unwilling to collaborate.

This is how they protest in Japan at the Olympics | Photo: AP

The organizing committee asked hospitals for up to 10,000 people, which outraged more than one they saw as a mockery of their work as their lives. “It will not be possible without the help of countless health workers, medical institutions and valuable medical resources. However, several medical professionals have already publicly said that there is no room for further demands,” he said. Read more: International Boxing: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Billy Joe SaundersNow his application continues online until this Friday the mimas had exceeded more than 200 thousand, and it is increasing. At the moment the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and the ministers mentioned have said nothing about it. They are expected to have a talk to agree on the event. The Olympic Games are just two months away from being held, it will be July 23rd when they officially start with the traditional ceremony and will last until August 8. There is nothing about a possible suspension of the official means or any change so everything remains normal.

Original source in Spanish

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