translated from Spanish: Admiration or rivalry? Veronica Castro, in love with Lucia Mendez? The latter responds with its truth

Mexico. Veronica Castro and Lucía Méndez are considered by many to be the biggesm stars of telenovelas in Mexico and for several decades there has been talk about a supposed rivalry between them. In Chisme No Like she was invited Lucia Mendez and is questioned about the possibility that Veronica has noticed her as a woman and the interpreter of topics such as A Soul in Sorrow is sincere about it.
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It’s not that now that she supposedly likes women…do you think Veronica is in love with you?

Yes, I’ve been told, but no, I don’t think so at all, I definitely don’t know and I don’t want to know, really. I can’t say for sure, even though I’m being asked more and more,” Lucia replies to Elisa.

Veronica Castro. Reform Agency Photo

In Gossip No Like, Beristáin and Ceriani, drivers of the show on YouTube, also mention that they have analyzed the races of Veronica and Lucia, and have noticed that when Lucia does one thing, Veronica immediately comes to light with another project. They cite, for example, that in 1987 Lucia was named Mr Amigo and in 1990 Veronica Castro also got the same title, then, in more recent years, Lucia was in theater with An Insperating Encounter and Veronica appeared on the scene with the play Applause.
I’m not very aware of her, the truth, and when I realize it’ is because she’s doing exactly the same thing I do. It’s a thing of analysis…”, highlights Lucia Mendez.

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Original source in Spanish

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