translated from Spanish: 11 years ago Gustavo Cerati gave his last concert

On May 15 as of today, but from 2010, Gustavo Cerati gave a concert in Caracas, Venezuela, not knowing that it was the last. In his last performance, former Soda Stereo’s leader appeared at the football stadium at Simón Bolívar University, where he sang 23 songs, including “Lake in Heaven”, a theme in which he began to feel bad.

It was Adrián Taverna, a sounder and best friend, who warned that he looked pale and with exorbitant eyes, but it was in his dressing room that the recital was over, that Cerati vanished and had to be transferred to the La Trinidad Teaching Medical Center.Three days later, it was revealed to the world that the singer had suffered a brain-related accident (ACV) during the concert. Cerati remained there until June 7, when he was transferred to Buenos Aires and subsequently admitted to ALCLA Integral Rehabilitation Clinic. There he was in a coma for four years until, on September 4, 2014, he died after a respiratory arrest at the age of 55, being Dr. Gustavo Barbalace, medical director of the ALCLA Clinic, in charge of publicize the news of the world.

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